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My name is Gerald Wyatt, owner of Wyatt Web Solutions. I work independently to provide cost effective web based software to businesses and organizations that do not have a dedicated Information Technology staff to build the software themselves. I can build anything from simple websites to fully featured web based applications. Do you have an idea for how to use the web to expand your business? Please contact me at wyattgs@wyattws.com.

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I will work with you from the conception of your new website or web application until it is fully developed and implemented. I can also work to help you maintain your site after work is completed.

The process will include:

Professional Experience

Here is a quick summary of my professional development experience.


Wyatt Web Solutions focuses on building websites that are easy to use, provide functionality, and have a professional appearance. My websites focus on usability, functionality, simplicity, and reliability over artistic flair. Wyatt Web Solutions also strives to create web applications that can be maintained by the end user. Wyatt Web Solutions has successfully developed applications that have fully replaced work processes and management functions in professional and corporate environments.

Message boards, calendars, or other dynamic features to meet your needs can all be developed.


Wyatt Web Solutions uses open source software and works to comply with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards when designing and building web applications. This keeps prices low and ensures a reliable web site for the long term.


Please contact me at wyattgs@wyattws.com.